Suzy Stein

Suzy grew up moving around a lot as an army brat. One aspect of her life that never changed was her love of writing, movies and comics. However, it would be years before she would be able to turn that love into a career. She attended Georgetown University School of Medicine. During her time there, she published several research articles in scientific journals. While that allowed her to work on her writing skills, she still wanted to pursue her love of comics and movies. Later on, Suzy met Fernando Perez and began working with him. Together, they have written numerous short films and scripts. Several of those short films and scripts have been official selections at various film festivals. In her free time, she collects Pez dispensers and loves to perform impressions, even though all of them sound like Bette Davis.

Fernando Perez

Fernando is an Arizona native. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in International Affairs. While that was an exciting choice, it wasn’t what he wanted to pursue. When he was younger, the original King Kong movie inspired and instilled within him a love of film and writing. Afterward, he began writing and telling stories. He was a finalist in the prestigious Disney Features Fellowship Program. He met Suzy Stein and together they collaborated on numerous scripts and short films. Several of those short films and scripts have been official selections at various film festivals. As a single father, he enjoys spending his free time with his son and daughter.


About Entity Eye

Entity Eye Entertainment is a privately held independent production company founded to create, develop, and co-produce projects and motion pictures for an expanding global audience.


Script Writer Awards
Mark of Kings Fernando Perez 2008 Disney Fellowship, finalist
Money For Nothing Suzy Stein 2010 So.Cal. FF, finalist
Last Flight of Whiskey One Fernando Perez 2013 Action On Film, finalist
2013 So.Cal. FF, finalist
Dragging the Mark Suzy Stein 2013 Wildsound 1st Scene Competition, winner
2013 Eddie Bauer, Jr. Screenplay Competition, finalist
2014 Irvine International FF, finalist
Three Men and a Dragon Suzy Stein, Fernando Perez 2014 Irvine International FF, finalist
2014 Beverly Hill FF, finalist
2014 Sacramento FF,finalist
2014 California International Shorts Festival, honorable mention
Orchid Suzy Stein, Fernando Perez 2014 Famous Monsters FF, finalist